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Oklahoma State University

Presentation evaluation criteria

  1. Presentation of Technical Content (35%):

    1. Motivation – 10%

      • Why should the audience learn about this research?

      • What motivates the work?

    2. Explanation of quality of research methods – 15%

      • The audience should be given sufficient information about how research was carried out to accept results and conclusions.

      • Thoroughness – evaluating and addressing contingencies, stating assumptions

      • Validation of results against a known standard

    3. Significance of the research – 10%

      • What contribution does this research work make to the field of interest?

      • What impact does the work have?

  2. Presentation Style (65%):

    1. Visual Communication – 20%

      • Effective and innovative use of media

      • Font size large enough to be read from back of the room

      • Any movies, external links, or demos work

    2. Oral Communication – 15%

      • Confidence in speaking (loud enough, not too fast)

      • Not monotone, avoiding ‘fillers’ (ummm), etc.

    3. Use of the presentation as a teaching tool – 20%

      • Logically organized to give the audience a clear understanding of the research

      • Difficult material clearly explained to a broad, multi-disciplinary, technical audience

    4. Effectiveness in answering questions from the audience – 10%

      • Speaker took the time to correctly understand the question

      • Speaker gave concise, logical answers to the question asked


Each minute over the allocated presentation time will be penalized (excludes question time).