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Oklahoma State University

Presenter Guidelines


  1. The symposium webpage has important information for presenters. We especially encourage you to review the Presenter Evaluation Criteria and Abstract Evaluation Criteria. Link for the symposium webpage:

  2. A title (140 characters maximum including spaces) and an abstract (1500 characters maximum including spaces) must be submitted to the symposium committee for consideration as a participant. The abstract is a vital aspect of scholarly presentations and papers. In recognition of this, we have created a $150 prize for Best Abstract. A written paper is not required.

  3. Presentations should be no more than 10 minutes long, with penalties for going over. There will also be a question / answer period of 3 minutes following your presentation. Four presentations will be scheduled for each session of the symposium series. Presenters do not lose points for very short presentations, but these do not tend to be as competitive since a shorter presentation gives less time to cover and explain research.

  4. A computer, LCD projector, and a document camera are located in the presentation room and are available for your presentation. Presenters are encouraged to arrive several minutes early to prepare for their talk. If PowerPoint is used, it is recommended that the presenter have a hard copy backup of their presentation for the document camera. In addition, a backup of the PowerPoint presentations should be brought to the presentation on CD, USB flash key, or network storage.

  5. Presentation materials should be submitted to the symposium committee by 5:00pm one day before the day of your scheduled presentation. Presentations files should be sent to

  6. A short biographical statement should be prepared for the session chair to introduce your presentation.

  7. A set of structured criteria will be used to evaluate the quality of your presentation (see evaluation forms on the symposium webpage). This will be the basis for the decision of the top three presentations of the series, and individual feedback will be provided to the presenters based on the evaluation form. The evaluation criteria will be based primarily on explanation of technical content and presentation style. Due consideration will be made for non-native English speakers – ALL students are encouraged to participate.

  8. Keep in mind that this presentation will be for a general technical audience. Please explain your work in a manner such that attendees from other disciplines can comprehend your presentation. A general introduction slide that makes the importance of the research clear to a lay audience is therefore recommended. This is a significant part of the judging criteria. The presentations should be focused on communicating original research work (not a senior design presentation or management presentation).


Credit:  These presenter guidelines are based on Purdue’s AAE Research Symposium Series