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Oklahoma State University

Single/Two Phase Heat Transfer Laboratory

Single/Two Phase Heat Transfer Lab equipmentThis laboratory was established in 1988 with the help of a three-year research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Over the life of the laboratory, our work has focused on fundamental and applied research in convective heat transfer. The work extends to many areas of the thermal sciences field, including heat transfer and pressure drop in viscoelastic fluids, stratified thermal storage, heat transfer in liquid and air-cooled electronic equipment, mixed convective heat transfer and pressure drop in tubes in the transition region with different inlet configurations, and more recently two-phase heat transfer and pressure drop in horizontal and inclined tubes. In 2001 the laboratory’s equipments, data acquisition system, and computing facilities were extensively upgraded through generous grants provided by Micro Motion, National Instruments, Omega, Dell Computers, and Oklahoma State University Foundation. The research conducted at this laboratory has produced well over 100 peer reviewed publications with the help of 45 Master of Science and 8 Doctoral students, who have successfully completed their respective degrees and hold prominent positions both in industry and academia through out the world.

Contact: Dr. Ghajar