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Oklahoma State University

Paul, Ryan C.

Assistant Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma State University
201 General Academic Building
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078-5016 USA
Phone: (405) 744-5900
Fax: (405) 744-7873

Website:  TBA


Areas of Interest

  • Flight Dynamics and Control
  • Unmanned Aircraft Design and Fabrication
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight Testing
  • Aircraft Certification
  • Aviation Training
  • Pilot Workload

Academic Background

Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2015

M.S., Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2012

B.S.A.E, B.S.M.E., Oklahoma State University, 2010

Positions Held

  • Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University, 07/2020-present
  • Aerospace Engineer, Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division, Flight Dynamics Branch, 06/2015-07/2020

Selected Publications

Paul, R., and Rhinehart, M., “Exploring Pilot Workload Using Inceptor Time Histories.” Prepared for Vertical Flight Society Forum 76, 2020.

Shafer, D., Paul, R., King, M., and Denham, J.,“Aircraft Carrier Landing Demonstration using Manual Control by a Ship-based Observer,” presented at the 2019 AIAA SciTech Forum, San Diego, CA, 7-11 January 2019, AIAA 2019-0010.

Paul, R. and Gopalarathnam, A., “Iteration schemes for rapid post-stall aerodynamic prediction of wings using a decambering approach”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol. 76, 2014, pp. 199-222.

Paul, R., Murua, J., and Gopalarathnam, A., “Unsteady and Post-Stall Aerodynamic Modeling for Flight Dynamics Simulation,” AIAA Paper 2014-0729, Proc. of the AIAA SciTech Conference, National Harbor, MD, January 2014.

Petrilli, J., Paul, R., Gopalarathnam, A., and Frink, N.T., “A CFD Database for Airfoils and Wings at Post-Stall Angles of Attack,” AIAA Paper 2013-2916, Proc. of the 31st AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, San Diego, CA, June 2013.

Gopalarathnam, A., Paul, R., and Petrilli, J., “Aerodynamic Modeling for Real-Time Flight Dynamics Simulation (Invited),” AIAA Paper 2013-0969, Presented at the 51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Grapevine, TX, January 2013

Paul, R., and Gopalarathnam A. “Simulation of Flight Dynamics with an Improved Post-Stall Aerodynamics Model,” AIAA Paper 2012-4956, AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, Minneapolis, MN, August 2012.