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Oklahoma State University

Noori, Hadi

Assistant Profesor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Oklahoma State University
201 General Academic Building
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078-5016 USA
Phone: (405) 744-8909
Fax: (405) 744-7873


Areas of Interest

  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Materials and Structures Lightweighting
  • Multifunctional Materials and Designs

Selected Publications

H. Noori, M. Jain, K. Nielsen, and F. Brandys, Effect of Deformation-Induced Residual Stress on Peel Strength of Polymer Laminated Sheet Metal, Accepted for publication in the Journal of Adhesion, May 2015, DOI: 10.1080/00218464.2015.1050718.

H. Noori, M. Jain, K. Nielsen, and F. Brandys, Significance of Peel Test Speed on Interface Strength in Cohesive Zone Modeling, Journal of Adhesion, vol. 92, pp. 39-51, 2016.

H. Noori, M. Jain, K. Nielsen, and F. Brandys, Influence of metallic substrate surface engineering on peel resistance of adhesively bonded polymer film, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, vol. 29, pp. 1403-1413, 2015.

A. Rezaee-Bazzaz, H. Noori, and R. Mahmudi, Calculation of forming limit diagrams using Hill's 1993 yield criterion, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, vol. 53, Issue 4, 2011, pp. 262-270.

R. Mahmudi, A.R. Geranmayeh, H. Noori, H. Khanbareh, and N. Jahangiri, Effect of isothermal aging on room temperature impression creep of lead free Sn-9Zn and Sn-8Zn-3Bi solders, Materials Science and Technology, vol. 26, Issue 8, 2010, pp. 1001-1007.

H. Noori and R. Mahmudi, Prediction of Forming Limit Diagrams in Sheet Metals Using Different Yield Criteria, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A., vol. 38A, 2007, pp. 2040-2052.