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Oklahoma State University

Mechanical at OSU

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is an exceedingly diverse field that covers an exceptionally wide range of systems, devices and vehicles. Mechanical engineers are vitally concerned with all forms of energy production, utilization and conservation. They are the key professionals in bringing about the green revolution, finding ways to reduce or eliminate pollution, minimize waste, reduce energy usage, and re-use waste, scrap, and re-cycled goods. They deal with everything mechanical and energy consuming, whether it is small or large, simple or complex — from fuel cells to nuclear power plants, gas turbine engines to interplanetary space vehicles, artificial limbs to life support systems, robotic manipulators to complex automatic packaging machines, precision instruments to construction machinery, household appliances to mass transit systems, heating and air-conditioning systems to off-shore drilling platforms, and powered home and garden appliances to vehicles of all types. In virtually every organization where engineers are employed, mechanical engineers will be found.

Mechanical Engineering at OSU

Undergraduate and graduate students in the Mechanical Engineering program at Oklahoma State University not only endure intensive academic programs but they also get hands-on experience with exciting projects, preparing them for careers after graduation. Whether students are battling robots or working on formula cars and other capstone projects, students are able to use theories learned in a classroom setting and apply them to real world situations.