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Oklahoma State University

Mechanical and Aerospace engineering professor James Manimala awarded the DARPA Young Faculty Award

James Manimala awarded the DARPA Young Faculty Award

(STILLWATER, Okla., October 11, 2016) – James Manimala, Ph.D. and assistant professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, was awarded the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Faculty Award. This award is for a $498,000 two-year base project with a possibility of a $500,000 follow-on director’s fellowship.

Manimala’s high-impact research on acoustic metamaterials, which are artificial materials with unsual properties not seen in natural materials, stood out nationally for this very competitive award. A key focus of his research is on enhancing the dynamic performance of engineering structures and systems by utilizing novel confluences of designs, materials and processes. As part of this DARPA project, Manimala will explore metamaterials-inspired emergent dynamic phenomena including nonlinear ‘assonance,’ microscale inertance and the interplay between them in order to enable the next generation of MEMS devices. Potential applications include vibration and shock isolation of sensitive electronics, broadband transduction and energy harvesting, frequency manipulation, wave steering and focusing, and amplitude-triggered mechanical encryption, all of which are significantly aligned with defense-related interests.

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