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Oklahoma State University

Aerospace at OSU

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace Engineering is concerned with the science and technology of flight, and the design of aircraft, spacecraft, and land and sea vehicles for transportation and exploration. This exciting field has already led people to the moon, and continues to lead in the expansion of frontiers deeper into space, and into the ocean's depths. Because of their unique backgrounds in aerodynamics, propulsion systems, vehicle dynamics and control, and structures, aerospace engineers are involved in solving some of society's most pressing and complex problems and are highly sought after as systems engineers outside of the aerospace engineering industry. Aerospace engineers are pioneers on the forefront of technology.

Aerospace Engineering at OSU

Are you looking for a competitive, top-ranked Aerospace Engineering program? Oklahoma State University not only has a support system of faculty and staff who are committed to the success of our graduates, but we also allow students the opportunity for hands on experience, which leads to graduates entering the Aerospace Engineering industry ahead of the rest! Click here to view accomplishments of some of our engineering students.